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Your Lifetime Income Annuity Marketplace

Income Solutions® is a lifetime income annuity marketplace with simple, streamlined tools that can help you turn your savings into a paycheck for life or an income stream you won't outlive. You can compare features on low-cost, competitively bid annuity products from multiple top-rated insurance companies and choose the income annuity best suited to your personal financial needs.

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Our Values

We understand that you have worked hard for your retirement savings, and ensuring your savings will last your lifetime is critical. We believe that you deserve to get the most out of your nest egg, which is why the Income Solutions® platform was designed to incorporate the following key components:


Since inception of the program, all fees associated with each annuity purchase have been fully disclosed.

Low-Cost Pricing

Access to institutional rates that are typically only available to large groups or organizations.


Multiple highly rated insurance companies compete on each quote, ensuring a competitive market price.

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

The positives for me were the personal contact with the representatives from Hueler and their availability to me to be able to discuss the various options. Their patience and availability were what helped us the most as we processed these decisions.

The two annuities that we purchased have been like a 3rd pension to us and they have certainly enhanced our lifestyle by adding additional income.

I shopped annuities before and during the initial phases of working with Income Solutions®. I was not able to find a better monthly income than the one provided by Income Solutions®.
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