Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

The positives for me were the personal contact with the representatives from Hueler and their availability to me to be able to discuss the various options. Their patience and availability were what helped us the most as we processed these decisions.

The two annuities that we purchased have been like a 3rd pension to us and they have certainly enhanced our lifestyle by adding additional income.

I shopped annuities before and during the initial phases of working with Income Solutions®. I was not able to find a better monthly income than the one provided by Income Solutions®.

Several companies and businesses were quick to tell me that I should take the Income Solutions® annuity as they could not beat it or match it.

The Hueler team responded to our requests quickly and professionally. Transactions were completed exactly as quoted. The annuities that were purchased provide income streams that we count on. We are well satisfied with the services that Income Solutions® provided.

I thought the Income Solutions® website was very intuitive, easy to use and understand. I appreciated that there were a number of different companies to choose from, all of which had excellent ratings from Moody's and S&P.

The annuity has absolutely been a positive impact to my life. Retirement can be a somewhat anxious time financially where you are no longer earning any income. An annuity provides a regular, reliable source of income and this provides a sense of financial security and it is immune to sequence of returns risk.

I wholeheartedly recommend that Income Solutions® be considered as part of a person's overall retirement financial strategy.

Very professional and quick. Got everything moved from the stock market to fixed income for retirement days before the 2020 meltdown.

I was very pleased with the 2 annuities I purchased through Income Solutions®.

I am overall happy with the outcome and my decision to do a 1035 exchange.

Easy to use, quotes saved for future reference, not bothered by a lot of follow-up emails, etc. Hueler was very helpful when I had questions. Initially, I was hesitant to buy an annuity online (a lot of money!), but I came to trust Hueler. Hueler’s prior relationship with Vanguard was a big point in their favor. The whole purchase process was smooth, and I am so happy I “took the plunge” to buy the annuity. Particularly so in today’s uncertain world.

I found the Income Solutions® Annuity Platform very easy to use. The paperwork was painless and went without a hitch; I would use it again. It offered a better payout than the other sites that I checked.

I purchased 2 annuities through Income Solutions® because they charge the lowest commissions of any of the online income annuity websites to the best of my knowledge.

My experience using Income Solutions® was very positive. I liked the ability to receive multiple quotes for each scenario model inputted. It greatly helped in my choosing the best product that would support my retirement plan.

I had a positive experience with Income Solutions®. I have strongly recommended Income Solutions® to many of my friends planning their retirement.

We have used Hueler Income Solutions® to purchase nine annuities over the past 12 years. We have been quite pleased with the process.

I purchased a fixed annuity through Hueler Income Solutions®. The annuity purchase was from a highly-rated insurance company and was, in my opinion, a transaction that not only met my financial planning objectives but was a deal where I just couldn’t lose. The Hueler representative was quite knowledgeable and led me through the purchase process which was wrapped up within a few weeks from start to finish.

As part of my retirement portfolio, I was looking for an immediate and stable source of income. Income Solutions® provided an extremely easy-to-use website that enabled me to study various income annuity options and their variants while at the same time getting real time quotes from companies. Once I decided on the right solution for me, initiating the purchase was also straightforward and easy. Follow up support via email and phone was timely and professional. I highly recommend Income Solutions® for consideration in retirement portfolio planning.